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Denial of Collective Action and Full Dismissal of Frivolous FLSA Claims Brought Against Nationwide Manufacturer

July 28, 2022 Results

Attorneys John Stembridge and Lisa Taylor successfully defended against a collective action lawsuit under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) on behalf of our client, a nationwide battery and energy manufacturer. The plaintiff, a former hourly employee, alleged our client miscalculated overtime pay by failing to include certain bonuses and allowances in the regular rate.

The plaintiff brought his complaint on behalf of all other hourly employees employed by our client within the applicable statute of limitations period who were classified as nonexempt from the overtime requirements of the FLSA and filed a motion for conditional certification and notice to class members a few months later. In its response before the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Iowa , our client argued that not only had plaintiff failed to produce both the required evidence of the collective action’s putative members interest in joining the lawsuit and any evidence that any employees were paid incorrectly, that the Court’s jurisdiction in the matter could only be limited to those employees who lived or worked in Iowa.

The court agreed on all three arguments counts and dismissed the request to conditionally certify the FMLA claims against our client due to the lack of evidence. Furthermore, the plaintiff’s individual claims against our client were later dismissed in their entirety with no settlement issued. We are proud to have prevented our client from facing the extensive burden defending a frivolous collective action, and for defending its commitment to lawful compliance practices and fair treatment of its employees.

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