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We Serve as Outside General Counsel and Provide Legal Services to Businesses Ranging from Startups to Fortune 500 Companies

For many companies, establishing an in-house legal department is not a cost-effective option. It also is not necessary. While all companies have legal needs, many companies can effectively manage these needs by engaging a law firm outside general counsel.

At Stembridge Taylor LLC, we serve as outside general counsel for a broad range of companies. By offering flat fees, we eliminate the cost uncertainty of engaging legal counsel. We facilitate open and ongoing communication with our clients, which allows our attorneys to serve as strategic partners. It helps us provide proactive advice focused on keeping costs down and avoiding issues that can lead to unnecessary challenges, delays, or liability.

We Provide Comprehensive Legal Services as Outside General Counsel

Our outside general counsel services are designed to meet the legal needs associated with companies’ day-to-day operations. We assist with matters including:

  • Business Formation & Entity Type Selection – Whether launching a new venture or forming a subsidiary or affiliate, we help our clients select appropriate legal entities and form them properly. This includes forming entities under Georgia law as well as under the laws of other states.
  • Partnership Agreements, Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements – We assist with drafting and negotiating partnership, operating, and shareholder agreements. We can provide advice regarding modification, interpretation, and enforcement of these agreements as well.
  • Contract Drafting & Review – We draft and review all types of contracts for our outside general counsel clients. This includes everything from vendor contracts and technology licenses to customer contracts and financing agreements.
  • Employment Contracts & Policy Manuals – A significant portion of our practice involves advising companies concerning employment-related matters. As your company’s outside counsel, we will assist with drafting and negotiating employment contracts, and we will assist with developing and implementing employment policies and procedures.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements – Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) play a significant role in many companies’ operations. We can develop a “form” NDA for your company to tailor individual circumstances, and we can review third-party NDAs as necessary.

We Also Assist with Dispute Resolution As Needed

In addition to providing these and other services as outside general counsel, we can also represent your company when disputes arise. Working with your company on an ongoing basis will allow us to step in quickly, and we can use our knowledge of your company’s operations to provide strategic advice right away. If litigation or ADR becomes necessary, being familiar with your company’s systems and having relationships with its key stakeholders will allow us to efficiently implement a legal hold, conduct an internal investigation and manage discovery at a fraction of the cost of engaging a firm that is unfamiliar with your company.


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