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We Serve as Outside General Counsel and Provide Representation in Business Disputes and Litigation Throughout Georgia and Beyond

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries have legal needs. At Stembridge Taylor, we meet these needs regardless of how, when, and where they arise. Whether you are starting a new business, facing a business-related dispute, or simply trying to protect your business against legal risks, we can help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

We provide skilled representation to achieve optimal outcomes in all types of business disputes, including through litigation in court, arbitration, and mediation.  Because we understand the risks businesses face as a result of our expertise in employment law and business litigation, we also serve as outside general counsel advising client businesses on such matters as risk avoidance, contract negotiation, and document drafting. 

Business Disputes & Litigation

At Stembridge Taylor, we understand the needs of business leaders and owners, and we put our expert litigation skills to work to take business disputes off the owners’ plates so that they can focus on what they do best — running the business. Within our business disputes and litigation practice, we target efficient and informal resolutions whenever possible, and we protect our clients’ interests in court when necessary. We handle all types of business-related disputes in Georgia and beyond, including those involving:

  • Disputes among partners and shareholders
  • Division of business assets
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract
  • Theft of trade secrets and other confidential information

As employment and business litigators, we provided effective representation to resolve disputes through informal negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We get to know our clients and their business needs so that we can guide company to its best path forward.  Our clients have worked hard to build their businesses up, and we are prepared to fight for and protect those interests by all means available.

Outside General Counsel

In today’s world, companies face increasingly complex legal demands. As a result, business owners and executives need easy access to legal counsel. Our outside general counsel services provide the benefits of hiring an in-house legal team without the cost of a full-time hire.

As outside general counsel, we assist our clients with matters such as:  

  • Business formation and entity selection
  • Partnership, operating, and shareholder agreements
  • Contract drafting, review, and negotiation
  • Employment contracts and policy manuals
  • Non-disclosure agreements

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather an illustrative example of the range of services we offer. As a full-service business and employment law firm, we partner with our clients to identify their legal needs and help them implement comprehensive solutions before problems arise.  And, as part of our Outside General Counsel role, we are not afraid to say so when a matter calls for expertise beyond what we can offer; in those circumstances, we have a strong network of specialists who can step in on our referral.

Employment Advice & Counseling

Whether your company has one employee or one thousand, you face a host of legal obligations under state and federal law. You also face a wide variety of risks on a day-to-day basis. As employment law counsel, we help our clients understand, plan for and respond to employment-related risks, and we give them the tools and resources they need to mitigate these risks to the greatest extent possible.


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