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We Provide Advice and Strategic Consulting for Employers of All Sizes Throughout Georgia and Beyond

At Stembridge Taylor, we advise our employer clients on a daily basis in an effort to help them minimize employment-law risk while managing their business effectively and efficiently.  We understand the challenges employers face on a day-to-day basis, as our clients routinely contact us with questions about the legal implications of various employment-related decisions and practices. Helping companies address these challenges is the foundation of our practice, and our lawyers bring decades of collective experience to advising and counseling companies and their leaders on employment law matters.

The laws that govern the workplace are many, varied, and constantly changing. In order to ensure that your company operates in compliance with these laws and to minimize the risk inherent in employing people to get the job done, your company needs experienced representation. At Stembridge Taylor, we know what it takes to establish compliance and minimize employment-related risk, and we can provide the advice you need to manage your company’s workforce with confidence.

We Help Companies Make the Right Decisions Regarding Employment-Related Matters

In the employment arena, companies’ decisions can have both legal and practical implications. While a particular employment practice might technically comply with the law, it might also lead to employee dissatisfaction—and potentially to a public relations nightmare. At Stembridge Taylor, we understand these types of issues, and we provide practical advice that allows our clients to implement solutions that work in the real world.

We advise and consult with employers on all employment-related legal issues, including (but not limited to) issues such as:

One of the greatest challenges companies face when it comes to employment law compliance is that their obligations are constantly changing. For example, recent changes to the FMLA and ADA regulations have forced employers to address leave of absence and disability accommodation issues with increasing frequency. We have years of experience handling leave and accommodation issues. We offer a unique perspective gained from litigating FMLA and ADA cases on behalf of both employers and employees. This perspective allows us to take a solution-based approach that focuses on meeting the needs of both our client and its employees.   


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